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In Bamberg and Franconian Switzerland there are a variety of opportunities for climbing, both for beginners and for advanced climbers. The region is known for its impressive rocks and via ferrata, such as the "Felsenwelt" via ferrata near Pottenstein. There are also some climbing routes and bouldering areas on the Kälberberg.


rock world

The Felsenwelt near Pottenstein in Franconian Switzerland is a unique place for climbing enthusiasts. Here rock climbers will find plenty of opportunities to test their skills on beautiful rock formations and towers. The rock world offers a variety of routes with different levels of difficulty and is therefore suitable for both beginners and advanced.

The via ferrata through the rock world is particularly popular, where you climb on an exciting and varied tour through the fascinating landscape. There are also special climbing routes and areas for families with children.

In addition to climbing, you can also hike wonderfully in the rock world and enjoy nature. The view of the landscape of Franconian Switzerland is particularly impressive. The Felsenwelt is therefore a worthwhile destination for anyone who visits the region and is looking for an unforgettable climbing and nature experience.

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