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The region around Bamberg and Franconian Switzerland offers a wide range of mountain bike tours for all levels of difficulty. Beginners can try out an 8-kilometer tour around the Kälberberg, where there is also a special bike park. Advanced and pros can prove themselves on longer tours through the impressive landscape of Franconian Switzerland. In Bamberg itself there are also some city routes that can be explored by bike and lead to historical sights and through picturesque alleys.

calves mountain

The Kälberberg is a popular destination for mountain bikers in Bamberg and the surrounding area. The route is about 8 kilometers long and is particularly suitable for beginners. The Kälberberg is also known for its breathtaking view over Bamberg.

The tours offer numerous obstacles, jumps and other challenges for mountain bikers of all levels. Here riders can put their skills and abilities to the test and improve their technique.

The route around the Kälberberg is varied and leads through forests, past fields and through small towns. There are some steeper passages and tight corners that create excitement. The views from the top are spectacular, offering sweeping views of the region.

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Franconian Switzerland

Franconian Switzerland is an Eldorado for mountain bikers and cyclists. The region offers a large network of signposted cycle paths and mountain bike trails that lead through breathtaking scenery.

The "Jurasteig" is one of the best-known and most challenging mountain bike trails in Franconian Switzerland. The route leads through the region over a length of 230 kilometers and offers a spectacular combination of steep climbs, fast descents and technical passages. The route is divided into different stages and therefore also offers shorter options for less experienced mountain bikers.

Another highlight for mountain bikers is the mountain bike adventure center "Bikepark Ostenohe". The park offers a wide range of different trails and courses that are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. In addition to biking, visitors can also experience other activities in the park, such as rock climbing, archery, and geocaching.

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Regnitz cycle path

The Regnitz Cycle Path is one of the best-known cycle paths in Franconia and runs 85 kilometers from Nuremberg to Bamberg along the Regnitz River. The route is very well signposted and leads through a scenic area with numerous sights.

Cyclists can visit many historical places and buildings along the cycle path. The cities of Erlangen and Forchheim are also on the route and invite you to make a stopover.

The cycle path is mostly paved and easy to drive on. However, there are also some sections that are on unpaved paths and can be a bit more challenging. Along the route there are numerous rest stops where you can enjoy regional specialties and drinks.

The Regnitz Cycle Path is particularly beautiful in spring when the trees are in bloom, or in autumn when the leaves are in the most beautiful colours. But even in summer, the route is a good way to escape the heat of the city and cool down by the river.

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